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Client Testimonials

"Highly Skilled & Professional team"

They have performed excellently to bring the project to completion as promised, within budget. Workmanship and the quality of subcontractors are excellent.They were efficient in finding cost savings and worked with architect , interior consultants for optimum utilization of space that has benefited entire residents as an owner I highly recommend alliance city

Suhas Karve

"I sincerely rely on their team when they talk & I feel confident when they deliver"

Their team is candid, provided great feedback, helped explain clearly all details and managed the actual sale negotiation brilliantly. In addition, during pandemic they were extremely responsive  to every one of my questions, no matter how small

Mr Manish Parekh

"They truly love what they do"

While we were on a brief first visit to mulund, their team gave us detailed and helpful information about the condo market and neighborhoods in the city. After this we felt oriented and informed enough to make a purchase decision from out of state. After we decided on one building,they checked out four possibilities for us. Throughout the process we felt we could trust them to act in our best interests, and our trust was entirely justified. 

Sameer Gala

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